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Who Am I? (or About Me)

This new and miraculously easy way to create multiple pages in our blogs is a mixed blessing don’t you think? It means that, instead of a quick overview on the old About Me widget, we get to write a whole heap of stuff which is, well, about me. Oh joy!
  I am Writerman242 as you may or may not have seen. And as you would have also guessed, I am a writer. Among other things of course. Anyway, here’s the link to my profile for anyone who is really keen on knowing more about me.
  In my original About me widget thing I said, I write, therefore I am. That kind of sums it up really: I write anything and everything; I even write poetry sometimes when the muse strikes (which very very sadly is not all that often these days. Wonder why?).
  I have worked as a journalist for a country newspaper; I have been a staff writer on a very nice journal in Tasmania Australia; I have had a couple of short stories published in obscure anthologies; I even had some very sad travel stories published a long time ago. Basically, as I said, I just write. Can't help it. Now I have a couple of blogs and plan to see where that journey takes me.
  Speaking of blogs: you may ask, why Dharma Dreaming? Why this blog? Well I think the description up there at the top puts it nicely: It is a record of my experiment with my art (or is it craft?). “We all dream of truth, of a final answer to the big (and small) questions we are always asking of ourselves, other people and of life itself. But there is only the Dharma of our personal Dreaming”. Enough said.
  I travel when & where I can, having lived in several countries & travelled in many more. I am married and have been for half my life (the best half by far and there’s way more to come. Lucky aren’t I?) I have two cats raised from 10-day old ferals and dumped in a beer carton at the animal shelter.
  And you know something? I am grateful for all of this. Life is a journey, or as I say on one of my other blogs, it’s really a pilgrimage, which really only means it’s a journey with meaning and purpose. I guess I am just muddling along on that groovy path. As someone once said, ‘It ‘ain’t always been easy but it sure has been an adventure’. I reckon I can dig that.