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Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Kerouac Today, the vibe has gone away

To all my millions of valued readers, I am sorry. Today I am having a break from my commitment to write a commentary on each and every one of Jack Kerouac's writing techniques. I've done seven in a row, and somehow today, the muse is saying, hey man, give it a rest can't you? So, what is a writer to do? One can't just ignore the muse can one?
I intend to get back to it though, so never fear. Kerouac's list of writing techniques under the name of Belief and Technique for Modern Prose is truly invaluable, and I would like to continue my reflections on them here, on this blog for your benefit. Mine too of course. For any of you who have not thus far had the good fortune to connect with my post on these techniques, you can go to the first post simply by clicking here! I don't think you will be overly disappointed.
Meanwhile, I might just see what comes up for today's post, which of course is not this post.

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