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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Long No Blog Posts; Here's why or partly why

Yes it has been a while hasn't it? Truth is there are a lot of reasons. Primary among them could be the little operation I had on my heart. No heart attack or anything like that; I had a funny pain and sensation, went to the doctor, had some heavy duty tests, ended up going to the big city for overnight hospital stay during which they put a stent (basically a wire tube that gets inserted by way of a tube inserted in an artery in the groin and pushed up to the affected area in the heart) in an artery in my heart to squash the 90% blockage and to let the blood flow freely again.
That was a month and a day ago, so what's the reason I haven't been here to post on my blog? Well I've been 'resting'. Taking it easy, trying to relax (virtually impossible for me sadly at the moment...well always really), recovering. I kept meaning to do a post. But somehow the energy hasn't been there. Still isn't really, but I'm making myself.
I sense that this operation has given me a new lease on life, that it represents a kind of second chance for me. Trouble is that right now I don't feel it. I'm depressed, tired, can't be bothered. But I am also an artist. And I refuse to stay down like this. So, therefore, here I am back on the blog.
Enough of the explanations. On with the show, I mean the blog. Well next post I'll be getting back to my mission on here which is to explore my life as a writer. Anyway, that's my plan and commitment. See you all there.


  1. Sorry to hear that! Hope you come back soon, well rested and motivated.

  2. Thank you Andrew. I appreciate your good wishes. You will never guess but my computer is away still getting repaired, and I hve just had to have a mini operation on my foot to remove some glass. Now I can't walk! Kind of a conspiracy to keep me resting or something. I hope to be back on board soon..bigger and better than ever. Hope you can stay in touch!

  3. Well as a new cyber friend of yours I thought I'd start at the beginning. I empathize with your first post as I too underwent "Stenting." My life was given back to me in 2006 when two stents opened up a clogged artery allowing the life force to flow again.

    It's a remarkable technology and I'm grateful.

    I do hope you are doing well now.

    Rob :)


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