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Thursday, August 27, 2009

What's with the name of this blog?

It's a good question. But it's one that is pretty easily answered: just see the description under the title of the blog. This blog is about a writer's (that would be me) experiment with, or exploration of, truth, or rather the search for truth.

I only write the truth; I've already done a post on just this topic. But the actual words, Dharma Dreaming are interesting. The Dharma of course is a word you find in Buddhism and it refers to the teachings of Buddha or, to put it another way that is to my liking, the laws of the universe. Same thing really... in a manner of speaking. Easy to see how this might apply to the blog of a writer who is seeking to find and to tell the truth.
Dreaming is also interesting. Of course there is the obvious meaning related to the kinds of dreaming we all do when asleep (or sometimes when we're awake!). In the context of the blog title, if we are to use this meaning it's saying that I have a dream (to steal a phrase) that I can find and tell the truth.
In its other meaning, Dreaming is the more correct term for the Dream Time of Australia's Indigenous peoples. It, as with Dharma, refers to the law of the universe; it also encompasses the story of a people or culture ... or an individual. For example, if you were to make a scrapbook or a photo album that you believed contained the full story of your family history, then you can say: 'This is my family's Dreaming'. That isn't a terrific or totally accurate example, but I think you get the drift.
So, Dreaming here for the purposes of this blog is the attempt to explore the truth in the context of my own personal story as a writer ... of course this is going to be in the context of my life story. Also there is an element of my resolve to stick with the Dreaming as in the law of the universe.
All this sounds very grand doesn't it? It's not meant to. It is simply the convoluted and even confused explanation by this writer and dreamer.
thank you for reading this.

NOTE: There may be some people who might take offence at my interpretation of the term Dreaming (or other of my writings of course). Any offence caused is of course entirely unintended. At the same time I apologise unreservedly to anyone genuinely offended by what I have written regarding this sacred and important concept and tradition. I am naturally open to any feedback regarding this issue. I have only attempted to make an explanation from my own feelings and all I do is motivated by a genuine search for truth and a desire to do right by all beings. Thank you

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